The Realm of Ecthesis proper is a Ducal domain that represents roughly the Western third of Aravigia though its feudal vassals in the neighboring Earl’s Divy extend that range to just under half the kingdom. Ecthesis is bordered in the West by the impassable Grand Mountain range that divides the great steppe from the lands of the Heliod and the Silver Sea to the South. In the North is the realm of Numoria that had once been a Ducal title of comparable prestige if not wealth until 20 years ago when accident and a lack of outside interest left the land without a unified government allowing it to slowly slip into ruins and wild lands with a handful of scattered villages.


The City-
An old but thriving city nestled between the Silver Sea and the Grand Mountains in the far South West of Aravigia. It’s walls sweep down from the palatial castle on the mountain slopes and down to the grand bustling port in the bay protecting the broad strip of land in which nestles a population of merchants and craftsmen under the care of a popular young Duchess. As the last port before the turn South for the Gate Cities or East for the Marian Empire it has long enjoyed the benefits of the weight of trade goods traveling between the Chivalric lands and the Twin Empires, even caravans taking the land routes have to pass through the gates of Ecthesis. As such it is a city used to welcoming, catering for and policing travelers on a daily basis.

One of the city’s many guilds is the newly formed West Marian Trading Company


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