Tag: PC Inventory


  • Valerian Hawke's Inventory

    Cloth of Gold Regalia (Size 12.5) 104 PP 45 GP Marian Uniform Rank Insignia Longsword Holy Sword Light Crossbow Chain Mail Shield Mess Kit A tinderbox 10 Torches 50ft Rope Bedroll Backpack Sack Waterskin x7 Horse (Riding) Saddle ( …

  • Dain's Inventory

    [[:dain-lutgehr | Dain Lutgehr]] 262 GP Travelers clothes Backpack Blanket Bedroll Explorers Pack Travelers clothes Tent Hunting Trap Rope Tinderbox Waterskin Lamp Flask of Oil

  • Drast's Inventory

    [[:wizard-drast | Wizard Drast]] 1426gp, 3sp, 7cp Quarterstaff (Doubles as Arcane Focus) Dagger x2 Wizardly Robes Explorer's Pack Component Pouch Torches (5?) 3 waterskins of beer 5 waterskins of water Tent Ring of message