The Religion

There are of course thousands of regional cults, devoted sects and refinements to the ‘standard’ religious practices of the world but the bellow encompasses the understanding of your average person in the world from the perspective of the Chivalric Kingdoms, Aravigia and for the large part the Twin Empires and beyond.

First off there are no gods, none of the beings that are given offerings, prayed to, supplicated or similar in the pantheon are expected to be all-seeing, all knowing or all powerful. They are simply creatures higher up the divine food chain to the extent the mortal races can perceive and have any practical use for. The powerful (named) spirits are roughly divided into four main houses, the Heliod, Seleiod, Silent House and the Elements.

The Heliod is the house of Helior the Spirit of the Sun, Death and Justice. The house is home to most of the spirits related to civilisation and are considered the group most in favour of mortal races. The Twin Empires, Chivalric Kingdoms and surrounding areas are known as the Lands of the Heliod (in the same way Christendom was used) due to an ancient pact by which Helior declared the area off limits to the more powerful Elemental spirits and darker creatures, he would later go further and say no spirit could overly involve itself in the affairs of mortals in the designated lands. Most believe this was just a case of benevolence on his part but part of the Marian refinement believes this part of his duty to safe guard the birthplace of the once and future god. The Heliod’s colours are gold and red and their songs are choral and bass heavy.

The Seleiod is the House of Neumia the Spirit of the Moon, Life and Mystery. Her house is peopled by spirits that are more concerned with matters outside of the mortal races, wild places, natural laws and growth. At best they tend to be disinterested in mortals and their affairs but there are more than a few that wouldn’t mind a bit of trimming practice on any of the races. In her house the spirit of empty spaces (meaning the void as much as solitude) rubs shoulders with the spirit of the hunt. Their colours are silver and blue and their songs are solo laments and tend to be in the soprano range.

The Silent House is the smallest of the four houses and nominally led by the Spirit of Time and the Infinite. It is termed the silent house because of a myth that their leading spirit travelled to the end (or start) of time (or was granted a vision of it) and has been sworn (or shocked) into complete silence. They are never invoked; calling upon them is the one way to guarantee they are looking the other way. The Green Lady of Luck leads the house while her husband sits silent. Their colour is black and green.

The fourth group, the Elements, doesn’t even approach the roughly aligned organisation of the great spiritual house but are a term for unaligned powerful spirits that tend to represent one of the four elements more than the other by the region they habituate. The vast majority really don’t like the mortal races at all but for one this would take the form of enslavement while another would just kill them. They all begrudgingly acknowledge the House spirits as their superiors within reason, all bow to the Great Spirits but the ‘King’ of the Winds would ignore anyone else. Their internal hierarchy is chaotic below the truly powerful members. For example since the imprisonment of ‘The Imperator of Fire’ there are no less than six spirits vying for control of that element with varying degrees of support from lesser spirits.

The Religion

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