Human mythical history

The origin of the races is actually a fairly agreed upon thing in so far as this statement allows for a sense that the other guy has got the dates, places, people and key facts somewhere on the scale of slightly to completely wrong.

The Spirits of the Three Houses are known to have always lived atop the Holy Mountain of Cori Celesti. All natural life as it came into being would find its way over generations to the shores of the distant island from which the mount rose from a calm sea. From there the slight changes made by the beings inhabiting that rare space would reverberate back through generations to spread throughout all of those pilgrims breed. It’s a matter of debate if the alterations were just a consequence of vicinity or deliberate interference and the matter further branches along lines of who was doing it, why and so forth. The difference between the two ideas forms the primary split between the schools of theology, the western churches form the Intentionalists block while the eastern cultures tend towards Inherentism in so far as they view that matter at all.

Certainly no order of creature before or since has been so deeply affected by proximity to the mount and its glorious presences as the sentient races. Even the Elves that spent less than a day on the island (and left the sainted land long before the later races came to fully exist) were fundamentally enlightened by the experience. In intelligent minds the site is held to have created the capacity to aspire, to dream and to hope. The other races that followed after, the Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans and Orcs each established outposts that waxed and waned over time. Within a decade the last of the Dwarves had left the island having found a greater fascination in glowing things from the world’s depths. As the Gnomes had never established more than a small colony the steps came to be dominated by the Human and Orc cities that had become the respective heartland of each races civilisation.

As the story goes the Human’s were favoured for various and multitudinous reasons and enmity between the two races grew. In jealousy the Orcs sought out the more powerful Elemental spirits and joined them on their ill-fated attempt to topple the celestial order much to their cost. From that mythical conflict a deep hatred was forged between the Orcs and the alliance of Gnomes, Humans and Dwarves that answered the call to defend the Human capitals of the Cori Celesti. Orcs were cursed and cast out with the Elemental beings they now thought of as Gods. Ultimately the victory would be for nothing however as the Human’s became too bold in the centuries that followed with their unchallenged dominance of the blessed isle. Their leaders became vastly powerful in the ways of magic and blinded by their own glory turned from the wisdom of the Spirits. When at last the human masters posed a risk to the very firmament of creation Helior called upon his eldest son and other attendants to wage a purifying war on the Humans. At the culmination of that contest the Sprits broke off the peak of the mountain and sank the human cities far below the waves. The survivors begged for forgiveness and Helior was persuaded to show mercy by the very son he had sent to destroy them.

From there the Human tribes are said to have sailed to various homelands and killed or assimilated the unenlightened tribes or creatures they found there. The people of the Chivalric Kingdoms for example claim it was during this period that their ancestors arrived in their current homelands and drove the Orcs and primitive humans they found there all the way north to the Great Green Forests and out onto the Steppe, locations the two groups can be found in today. The habit of using regnal years and undocumented or lost periods of time makes guesswork of ascribing the Chivalric arrival and development in their southern reaches.

The majority of enlightened Human tribes traveled eastward and settled in stages along the coastline south of the lands Gnomes had long called home. From these shores Humans moved further inland, crossing deserts, the Dwarven Mountains and braving the domains of the ever brooding and unpredictable Elemental spirits.

The Marian accounting more or less follows this general case version with some adjustments on who was to blame for what and spelling out that some people were entirely innocent in the whole mess. In fact the Marian founding myth goes that their ancestors were so disgusted with the disregard being shown for the Spirits guidance that they created their own island home and instigated their principle of every citizen being a trained soldier in a plan to attack the sybaritic cities. It’s the Marian belief they would have been completely spared from the destruction had they not taken it upon themselves to rush to assault their kindred when Helior called for Humanities destruction. They credit the feats and devotion of their champions with moving the War Spirit to plead their case to his father. These ancestors were then instructed to disperse themselves between the survivors and prevent humans turning to dangerous hubris again but they would always maintain their island fortress as a homeland. Despite the Great Wars of the Magi and times chaotic times associated with it the spirits have never since felt the need to directly intervene.

The earliest period that can be loosely dated in the history that follows from the Human exodus by Marian standards is when the heirs to the moral high ground were forced to leave behind their homeland by the wrath of Storm Lords stirred by encroachment of the civil wars of the collapsing Eastern Human Empires. Year one was set when Marius the first led his people to destroy the nation perpetuating the greater part of conflict and then settle in the Easternmost portion of the Western continent, The Lands of the Heloid, butchering the ‘lesser’ creatures they found there. The last lesson the Marians would learn from their time in the East and the dangers of magic was when Marius the first was slain in his two hundredth year by his third son that had uncovered and then pioneered dark magics. After that betrayal all Magic became a very public and very tightly controlled along laws still in effect 1300 years later.

Human mythical history

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