Collected Marian Sayings

Murum aries attigit” – The ram has touched the wall – this is a general term that references a variety of Marian policies. Basically no mercy shall be shown to those who resist. Mythologically was said by Marius the First in response to an attempt at a last minute capitulation by a city he was besieging.

Malum consilium quod mutari non potest” – It is a poor plan that cannot be changed.

Regia Urba locuta est. Causa finita est” – The Imperial City has spoken, the cause is finished. This means loosely those in above are in charge, however is is sometimes used as a way of passing the buck higher up the chain, or appealing to higher authorities as the cause of a judgement.

De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum.” – Of two evils the lesser should be chosen

Dura lex sed lex.” – The Law is hard but it is the Law

Auribus teneo lupum” – Holding the wolf by its ears. – Being in an untenable situation, particularly where both doing something and doing nothing are equally risky.

" Ceteris populis ut adhuc solertius docere aeris respiratione ac proferet vita abscondita iacentem in marmore; quibusdam instrumentis uti causas melius meliusque chart scientiae astrorum cursu mutato.

Sed Marian, memores sumus vestri bene ut vestri own Artes ministrae sunt, haec aliis:
Gentibus imperaret fortitudine suscitare populis vicisti; superbos sustinere mitigaret.
" – Other peoples may yet more skillfully teach bronze to breathe or bring forth the life lying hidden in marble; some may plead causes better or better use the tools of science to chart the stars’ changing courses.

But Marian, remember you well that your own arts are these others:
To govern the nations in power; to raise up the peoples that you have conquered; and to tame the proud who resist.

This call to arms (which according to the poets Marius I said to his followers on his deathbed) is the basic Marian policy.

Collected Marian Sayings

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