First Centurion of the Aravigian Legion


The First Centurion of the Aravigian Legion.

Once a legionary, always a legionary. He tried to retire into a life as a merchant sailor but found he didn’t have the sea legs for the waves or the head for business. When Valerian sent out of a general call for men to join his newly formed legion this old soldier was one of the first to respond. Having previously served as a principales in the first Centuria of the First Cohort of his legion in the Second Army as an Aquilifer (Legionary standard bearer) and now being the first Evocatus of the Aravigian Legion he was a natural choice for the first (and only) centurion of the under strength legion. This defaulted him to the position of primus pilus (the lead centurion) which is a title that though not strictly speaking confirmed nor attached to a proper legion is of great importance to him.

He has taken his new responsibilities to heart as thrown himself into building a legion with all the old practice he has from his past as an NCO in bawling recruits into shape.



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