The Duchess

The Aravigian Royal


The Duchess (of Ecthesis) is the larger part of serious conversations taking place all along the Silver Coast, from the boarder princes to the great cities of the Chivalric Kingdoms. Common folk and great magnets alike have heard of her and her measure, even amidst those that oppose her, her reputation is respected. For all the dignity of her title and the reverence given to her, from a distance you could easily confuse her for any other young girl from a good family sent to be a lady at court. Only the fact she sits upon a throne in a room full of deferential worthies would lead you to believe she is someone special, until that is you get close enough to meet her steely gaze and read plainly in her eyes the great depths of her will and the strength of her purpose.


A contender for the throne and control of the Aravigian kingdom. She was born the sole heir to the Duchy of Ecthesis but has recently been named the Queen of Numoria by her childhood friend Micheal the good. Supported by loyal nobility and common folk alike she is soon to make her move to exert full control over the lands she claims, with or without external aid.

The Duchess

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