Micheal the Good

Paladin of the Heliod


Tall and broad the bearded man has the build of one trained and accustomed to the hard life of a warrior in the wild places of the world. His arms and armour are simple things made to survive the hardy life he leads in defense of his people.


Michael is a good natured and noble man known far as wide simply as ‘the good’ for his strength of character and enduring spirit. He is every inch a champion of his homeland as he has spilled more of his own blood in the service of his patron spirits and in service to the people of Numoria (and indeed Aravigia and beyond) than anyone is ever likely to know. He has already prooved willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his people and was called back so that he could march off into hostile lands to make it again. Where he came originally came from and why he is so devoted to the service of others is unknown.

Quick to make friends, faster to stand up for those in trouble and eternally engaged in his quest to make the world a happier and safer place.

Micheal the Good

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