John Wreggles AKA Bruce Wayne AKA Batman

Young Impressionable Batsuitwearingman


The son of Simon Wreggles the founder and mayor of the destroyed town of Wreggle’s Stead. A lad with a good heart, a solid head on his soldiers and a dependable character. Though a competent navigator, trail cook, pathfinder, marksmen and hunter he is equally happy to tend to all the mundane matters of life on the road.

He has been with your party since the harrowing night of the orc raid on his village and faithfully followed along ever since while keeping in contact and being your nominal go between for the extended Wreggeli diaspora of legitimate businessmen.


His parents almost died in front of him. After this, he decided he liked high places and darkness, he hunts evil doers and particularly hates men who look like clowns.

John Wreggles AKA Bruce Wayne AKA Batman

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